With November here, and colder weather on the way we'll be spending a lot more time inside.  Plus not to mention, the holiday season is around the corner, and that typically comes with playing a lot of board and card games for many families.  For my friends we all enjoy playing board and card games, which I know can sound SO lame, but I promise this ain't your mama's old school game of Monopoly.

In the last few years people have gone crazy over the game Cards Against Humanity, and honestly I get why.   It's so much fun, and the responses are always so outrageous you can't help but laugh, it really is the perfect party game, I still bust it out from time to time.  But there's a lot of fun games out there to play, that you're missing out on.  Here's a few of my favorite games to play that aren't Card Against Humanity (again, no shade).

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