This is exactly what we're talking about! Say it loud, say it proud that you're a fan of the new My105.3 WJLT for a chance to win some free advertising for your business.


Here's another reminder that if you listen to My105.3 at work, we're asking you to change your business's sign to say something like..."We made the switch to My105.3"...or like Honeybaked Ham..."Rock on My105.3 WJLT!"...or like SWIRCA..."our seniors rock to My105.3 WJLT."  Something along those lines.

The Timbers-WJLT sign

And if your business doesn't have a sign (like Honeybaked Ham), you can get creative and make your own sign - something to display in your lobby or storefront. You can also do the folks at The Timbers and show us some love on your social media.

Whatever you end up doing, take a picture/screen grab of it and submit it through the form below. If you have more than one location and you change/create a sign at each, you can submit each of those for additional chances to win! Each picture will go into a random drawing. We will hand out $3,000 in advertising to first place...$2,000 to second place...and $1,000 to third place. Sounds like easy money to me!

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