Stacey and I just can't speak highly enough of the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida and all of the amazing staff members. Come with us as we give you a video tour of their family room and the exclusive penthouse suite!

We would never recommend something that we didn't believe in, so trust me when I say that you and your family will have a blast at the Holiday Inn Resort in PCB. You'll feel so safe and secure and will be able to really relax and enjoy your vacation! Before you book your stay, make sure you take advantage of the special offer for My105.3 listeners. Follow this link or call 877-230-4086 for more information.

Family Room

First up is a tour of the room that Stacey and I stayed in with our families. The highlight of this room has to be the double bunk beds which allowed all of Stacey's kids to have their own bed. It's the little things like that that make a BIG difference!

The Captain's Penthouse Suite

Now you can see how the high rollers live! See inside one of the two penthouse suites at the Holiday Inn Resort. This is the Captain's Quarters, and it's pretty dang sweet! It features two bedrooms (a total of three beds), three bathrooms, a full kitchen, a dining area, a living room, and a washer and dryer...not to mention a 4-slice toaster!!!


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