I will say one thing about this Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s given us some pretty random things to laugh at.  From weird items being in short supply to all of us being overly obsessed with some guy named Joe Exotic.  Well, I have come across something that I just have to shake my head at.

It’s no secret that people don’t really trust being in public places for long periods of time, right?  Well, add this newfound skepticism to the already high number of people who hate using public restrooms.  (that is what we call a match made in Heaven.)  If you weren’t already wary of using public restrooms before the pandemic, I can only imagine how you feel right now.  But are you so wary of them that you are finding alternative places to relieve yourself?

Apparently, for some people, that answer is yes.  The Tampa Bays Times conducted a survey asking people if they were going to the bathroom in a weird place thanks to the pandemic.  Around 24 percent of people who answered said that if they didn’t feel safe in a public restroom they just went off and did their business elsewhere.  Most of that took place outside.  (If you were at the mall, I really hope you at least went behind a dumpster and not in the parking lot.)

People aren’t just letting it go anywhere outside either.  They are finding some interesting places to get the job done.  Someone resorted to going on a wall behind the restroom in a state park because that particular bathroom was closed.  Another person had to use a toddler car potty in the park because they couldn’t use the public restroom.

I’ll admit that I may or may not have had to find an alternative restroom during this pandemic.  In my defense, however, I may or may not have been somewhere where there was no bathroom.  (Those long Sunday walks can really get to you) Anyway, I just had to laugh when I saw this and wanted to share it with you.  Also, to kind of use it as my own PSA.  If you are in a public place chances are the bathroom is clean enough for you to be in it for at least five minutes.  Don’t take the chance of going outside where people can probably see you.  2020 has been weird enough and we don’t need that image engraved in our brains.

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