Liberty's obsession with Guy Fieri and the Food Network is moving beyond her own house and is making its way onto the MY Morning Show. We have a new contest, starting soon, that will make Liberty feel like the host of her own Food Network show, and will give you the chance to win a whole bunch of groceries.

For the next couple of weeks, during the Most Totally Awesome Radio Contest, the game we're playing is called "MY Grocery Games." Each morning at 7am, we're gonna ask you to call us and test your knowledge of some of the products you pick up at the grocery store. If you win our game, you'll receive a $25 gift card from Ruler Foods, and then you'll also be qualified to win the grand prize, a 105-second shopping spree at Ruler Foods (up to $500).

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Ruler Foods is a part of the Kroger Company Family of Stores, and "has everything you need at the everyday low prices you want! There are moments in the day when families have a chance to connect, and our brands want to be part of those times that matter most. Whether it’s a mealtime get-together around the table or just a few minutes having fun at snack time, there’s a Kroger store brand product that’s perfect for your entire family."

There are several Ruler Foods locations in our area...

  • 2040 E. Morgan Avenue in Evansville
  • 4624 N. First Avenue in Evansville
  • 730 S. Green River Road in Evansville
  • 7844 IN-66 in Newburgh
  • 2480 US Highway 41 North, Suite B in Henderson

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