When you watch shows like Guy's Grocery Games or Supermarket Sweep, do you find yourself yelling at the television? 'Run faster!' 'Not that isle!' 'Go for the meat!' You will find yourself cheering on Melissa during her 105-second shopping spree.

Melissa M.
Melissa M.

Where Do You Begin?

Once Bobby yells 3, 2, 1 GO, Melissa is clearly on a mission to tackle those middle isles of Ruler Foods. Thankfully, those isles are plenty wide, so we didn't take out any of the displays throughout the store. Melissa and her family just returned from vacation, so this was the best time to stock up on the staples, and she also found some items you probably didn't think you could find at Ruler Foods.

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Did You Know That Ruler Foods by Kroger Has:

  • Light bulbs
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Summer Fun Supplies
  • Dog Food
  • Toys

So, Melissa racked up a bill of around $140. That's a really great total when you look at how full her cart was. Melissa's teenage son will be happy to know that Ruler Foods actually gifted them $500 in gift cards, minus the shopping spree! So, they can come back together and get all of the chicken patties he can eat.

Ruler Foods Locations

  • 2040 E. Morgan Avenue in Evansville
  • 4624 N. First Avenue in Evansville
  • 730 S. Green River Road in Evansville
  • 7844 IN-66 in Newburgh
  • 2480 US Highway 41 North, Suite B in Henderson

About Ruler Foods by Kroger

Ruler Foods is a part of the Kroger Company Family of Stores, and "has everything you need at the everyday low prices you want! There are moments in the day when families have a chance to connect, and our brands want to be part of those times that matter most. Whether it’s a mealtime get-together around the table or just a few minutes having fun at snack time, there’s a Kroger store brand product that’s perfect for your entire family."

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