$700 Million! Imagine what you could do with that kind of money! It would certainly change your life, and you would probably have a million best friends LOL! We all want to win a piece of tonight's Powerball, but how do you pick the winning numbers? Obviously, if we knew that, we would win, right? Some "Experts" say that picking your own numbers can increase your chance of winning, if you pick the numbers that come up the most often. In theory, all of the numbers should have an equal chance of coming up, but for some reason, 32 (In the white balls) comes up 75% more often that it should. The most popular Powerball (The red one) number is 9. I like to pick numbers based around birthdays, important dates, and ages. Chase is 9, so the odds might be in my favor - But I doubt it!

lottery Oksana Kostyushko

Tonight's drawing will be at 9:59pm.  Confused about how Powerball works - Click HERE for official rules

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