A coffee mug is a sacred thing, and one of the most useful and versatile objects in our kitchens. You can, of course, just use it to drink coffee, but it's also good for any type of beverage. A thick, sturdy handle makes a mug ideal for hot or cold drinks.

A mug is great for more than drinking too, you can cook in those bad boys. Throw some eggs in there and nuke 'em for a bit...or you could make a tiny cake in that mug. The possibilities are almost endless!

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For many of us, we have a favorite, go-to mug. Maybe the handle is big enough for all four fingers. Maybe it's big enough to hold two servings. Maybe it was a gift from your wife or kids. Maybe it has a fun picture or saying on it.

Do you have a favorite mug, or is just whatever you grab out of the cabinet? What does your mug say today? What does that say about you? We asked our listeners to share pics of their mugs and here's what we got.

What Does Your Coffee Mug Say?

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