Let me first say that our family loves Pizza Hut...so this is, in no way, a shot against the Hut. I noticed something while ordering one of their pies online that really baffled me.

The G family has a tradition of getting pizza every Friday night. If we're not getting it from a local pizzeria, we're most likely getting it from Pizza Hut. I prefer ordering online, and I really like the way Pizza Hut does it. I appreciate the fact that I can customize my pizza however we want...everything from the crust, crust seasoning, sauce, toppings and more.

You can also choose if you want toppings on the whole pie or just on half. And that's where I have an issue. Check out the screen grabs below to see what I'm talking about.

Simple enough...I want pepperoni on the whole thing

pizza hut full

But what if you want your pep on the right side of the pie?

pizza hut right

It's okay lefties, the Hut didn't forget about you!

pizza hut left

PLEASE tell me I'm not the only that thinks this is kinda wacky? How can they guarantee my toppings are on the left or right side? For that matter, why didn't they offer the upper or lower half of the pizza too?

I still love you Pizza Hut...I ain't mad at ya! The pizza pictured here is the new cheesy bites pizza and it is straight yummy!

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