During your social distancing, you might get lonely. And you might have some free time on your hands. It's definitely a great time to get a puppy and the Warrick Humane Society has six of the cutest little pups you can imagine.


Meet Ophelia's litter! Their mom is a beagle mix and we have no idea what dad is. They will be spayed/neutered next Wednesday, April 8th (hopefully) and can go home on April 9. They are available for pre-adoption immediately. They are not available to meet prior to pre-adopting. Our shelter is closed, so please give us a few days to respond to adoption applications. If you are interested in pre-adopting, please submit an application on our website www.warrickhumanesociety.org. Applications will be reviewed in the order received. Thank you!

WHS Pet of the Week: Ophelia's Litter

And, WHS is currently hosting a t-shirt fundraiser.

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