One of the most haunted places in Indiana could be named the Best Haunted Destination in America, with your votes.

Crown Point, Indiana is home to a jail that has a very famous past. Built in 1882, the Old Lake County Jail contained six cells for men, four cells for women, and corridors built from solid steel. In 1908, a larger jail was rebuilt. This new structure contained 150 jail cells, several maximum-security cells, and more features. At the time, the jail was considered to be escape-proof. That was until 1934 when John Dillinger was transferred there.  After only a couple of months of incarceration, Dillinger escaped. According to GhostHuntUSA:

Legend has it that Dillinger carved a gun from a piece of wooden washboard others say he acquired a real gun (the story varies) and forced a trustee and others to lock up 14 jailers including the Warden and a fingerprint expert. With a fellow prisoner and two hostages, he made his escape over the state line into Illinois in the sheriff’s car that was being serviced in a garage north of the jail. The hostages were released unharmed.

This was directed in the film Public Enemies, where Johnny Depp played John Dillinger. Parts of the 2008 movie were actually filmed at the Old Lake County Jail.

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Old Lake County Jail Hauntings

Not only does the Old Lake County Jail have a historical past, it's also famous for being one of the most haunted places in Indiana. Notable paranormal activity in the jail includes apparitions, unexplained noises, voices, and footsteps, and lights turning on and off.

The Old Lake County Jail offers guided ghost hunts all throughout the year. You can book those by clicking here. Now, the jail is in the running to be named the best haunted destination in America by USA Today. As of this writing, the Old Lake County Jail is currently ranked fifth in the poll. You can help this historic Indiana jail take the top spot in this category by casting your vote now.  According to USA Today, you can vote once per day for your top pick until Monday, September 18 at noon ET. The winning haunted destinations will be announced on Friday, September 29. Cast your vote now by clicking here.

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