Due to inclement weather, some cities have decided to bump up Halloween so their kids don't have to trick-or-treat in the rain.

In turn, this has sparked a huge debate on whether or not Halloween should be observed on October 31, or moved to the last Saturday in October.

The reasoning for wanting to move Halloween is simple - the weekends work better. If Halloween were to be observed on the last Saturday of the month, it'd be easier on the schedule of parents and children. Most parents don't have to work Sundays, and kids are out of school on the weekends. There's even a petition to start celebrating Halloween on the weekend, and it already has almost 700 signatures!

Locally, the debate has more to do with the weather. In this circumstance, it doesn't matter if it's Saturday or not, all that matters is kids being able to enjoy trick-or-treating without getting drenched in the expected downpour.

One could argue here that there could very well be rain on a Saturday, and they're not wrong. However, many parents are still choosing to take their kids trick-or-treating Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

So...what's your opinion? Should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday in October? As far as local trick-or-treating goes, is it understandable why parents are taking their kids a day early?

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