One of Newburgh's favorite stops for soft ice cream and sandwiches is Rivertown Ice Cream and Grill on State Street. So, go grab ya some on this National Soft Ice Cream Day!  

Several years, ago, I had a chance to meet with the owners and they invited me inside to make the perfect cone and ice cream sundae.

Well, let's just say I'll keep my day job.  My first try at making the perfect swirl with a soft curl at the top was not so good. LOL. I would probably get a C- or a D if I was being graded.  But, at least I got the ice cream in the cup!

Be sure to visit Rivertown Ice Cream and Grill locate at 521 State Street in Newburgh, just across the street from the Newburgh Elementary School.

Hours:  Monday - Saturday 3 pm - 9 pm.  Closed on Sunday. They will be closed for the season on August 31st and will reopen April 2020.

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