Our friend/co-worker Ashley met Cierra during an appointment at Evansville Eyecare Associates. We learned that Cierra has been trying, unsuccessfully, for a long time to win Holiday World tickets. She was understandably frustrated and wanted to know if there was any secret to being the winning caller. Sorry Cierra, as far as we know there is no winning formula, no radio contest life hacks.

Even though Cierra knew Ashley was from the radio station, she never asked for tickets. She didn't want a hand-out...she wanted to win them fair and square. During this visit, Ashley noticed that the folks at Evansville Eyecare Associates weren't listening to MY105.3. Ashley asked Cierra to convince her co-workers to switch to MY105.3...and if they continued to listen, we might surprise her with some Holiday World tickets.

About a week later, Stacey and I decided to pop in, unannounced, and see if they still had MY105.3 playing in the office. And we brought with us a pair of tickets to Holiday World!

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