A brand new pizza joint is having their grand opening celebration on Wednesday, August 2nd. MOD Pizza is officially open for business on Evansville's east side!

I had the chance to try MOD Pizza earlier this week, and they let us shoot some video. Check it out to get an idea of what MOD is all about.

On the surface it may seem like MOD Pizza is very similar to Azzip Pizza...those two will definitely be compared to one another. But in my opinion they are really nothing alike. The only similarities are that they serve personal pizzas and you can build your own custom pie up at the counter. But other than that, MOD was a totally different experience for me...a totally yummy experience!

I'll be out there broadcasting live at their grand opening...so come by and say hey before you grab some lunch. And, in case you needed another reason to try MOD today, they are donating today's proceeds to the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville!


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