Mesker Park Zoo reopened in June, and since then they've been working hard to make sure everyone can have a fun visit to the zoo while staying as safe as possible.  For a while the indoor exhibits have been closed to the public to keep everyone safe including the animals.

Now the indoor exhibits have reopened!  Amazonia of course being a huge one that has officially reopened. Mesker Park zoo announced on July 6th that while they are happy to have the indoor exhibits open again, they ask that visitors please continue to practice safe social distancing as well as wear a mask inside the indoor exhibits. This isn't just for your safety, but for the animals as well.

Here's the official statement from Mesker Park Zoo's Facebook:

Did you hear? Amazonia is back open to the public! To ensure the safety of our animals and YOU, masks are required in the indoor exhibit spaces. For now this is just Amazonia but will extend to DC and the Kley building as things begin to improve. We can't wait to see you at the zoo!

Make sure you reserve your tickets online!

If you want to check out the zoo, make sure to reserve your tickets online ahead of time. You can purchase tickets to the zoo by clicking here.

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