Remember this name... ANKUSH DHAWAN! I have a strong feeling you will hear/see that name in the future. That's the name of this young man from Newburgh who recently won the Smithsonian Invent It Challenge, an international invention competition with this amazing water filtration system.

It's pretty humbling (and a bit depressing) to know that this youngster has done more in 15 years of life than I have in almost 42. Dang! But seriously, Ankush is an astonishing young man. The sophomore-to-be (at Evansville's Signature School) is out going, well-spoken, has a great personality and attitude...and clearly wants to make a positive difference in the world.

In the video below, Stacey and I try to wrap our big dumb brains around Ankush's invention. All we can think about it is "wow, this thing looks just like a light saber!" And it does!

We wish Ankush nothing but the best of the luck in the future and we really appreciate his time and, quite frankly, his patience with us.

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