When you hear the name Brian Williams, you might be tempted to think about the former host of NBC Nightly News - you know, the one who lied about something, got in trouble, got fired, and now works for MSNBC. Well, get that guy out of your brain - that's not the Brian Williams we're talking about today.

We're talking about the fella who manages the McKim's IGA in Mt. Vernon and is part of the Southwestern Indiana Chamber of Commerce. We had Brian on the MY Morning Show a while back to discuss the Riverbend Food Truck Fest in Mt. Vernon. Sadly, that event has been postponed for the time being, thanks to that doggone 'rona!

But while we were talking to Brian, we recorded an episode of This or That. I gotta say that right out the gate, he was saying all the right things. I was agreeing with everything he had to say. That is, until we got to the last question. He had a 50/50 shot, bu in my opinion, there was only one correct answer. Sadly, he got it wrong.

You're saying "how can he get it wrong, aren't these just his opinion?" Yes, technically there is no wrong answer, but Brian got it wrong nonetheless. Haha! We had a blast playing with Brian, and it was a special time for him too - the very next day, he was at the hospital, welcoming a new baby girl into the world.

So, congratulations Brian and thanks for being a good sport. Here is his episode of This or That.

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