Andy Imlay is known for a few things around these parts. He's known for being a longtime ambassador for the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center. He's known for being a talented stand-up comedian. And he's known for being a Superman superfan. Now we can add to the list that Andy is also known for playing the Tri-State's favorite Q&A radio game, This or That. Many of the questions we asked Andy had to do with these other things he's known for.

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Stand Up Comedy

You can't have a Q&A with Andy and NOT talk about comedy. Right out of the gate we start This or That with a question that leads Andy to tell us about his top three favorite stand-up comedians - I'm gonna bet his answers will surprise you. We also talked to Andy about his preference when it comes to venues and crowd size. Side note: Andy actually has a big comedy show coming up this Friday, June 25th. We have all those details a little further down on the page.

Superman Superfan

I like to think of myself as a fan of Superman, but compared to Andy, I feel more like a casual observer. This dude can go on and on about the Last Son of Krypton, so a simple question like "who is your favorite Superman?" does not get a simple response - in fact, once Andy answered our question, we found ourselves in a completely different Superman conversation, and Andy was totally geeking. Take a listen...

This or That with Andy Imlay

Now, about that comedy show I mentioned earlier - the main thing you need to know is that Andy will be the headliner this Friday night at Backstage Bar & Grill. I'll think you'll find any other details you'll need on this handy dandy little graphic.

attachment-Andy Imlay comedy show

And just in case you want more, take a listen to our conversation with Andy about this Friday's show (recorded on 6/18/21).

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