Our guest contestant for this week's edition of This or That is local artist Drew Cooper, or simply Cooper, as he's known in the art world. Cooper is the man responsible for several murals around the Tri-State area, and he has teamed up with the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana for an exhibit called "A Breath of Fresh Air", on display now. Cooper has worked with a number of well known brands around the country, including Mt. Dew, Adidas, Puma and Vans - but I doubt he's ever experienced anything quite like the hard-hitting questions posed during This or That.

Right off the bat we made him choose a side in a debate that has divided families, communities and nations for generations - Mt. Dew or Diet Dew? We also asked about his preferred means of transportation. We asked him to choose between two of the best decades in the history of the world. And we wanted him to tell us which iconic artist has the most iconic facial hair of all time. I'll give the young man credit - he considered all of his options, and he answered our questions with confidence. Hear for yourself below.

This or That with Cooper - 1/19/21

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