I am so happy that we are able to actually get out of the studio, broadcast shows, and meet new friends. Now, as with any 'Bobby & Liberty" outing, things got weird. When you hear me saying awkward things like, 'Rash talk' or 'Feet talk', I'm probably past due for a nap. But how did I get a new nickname? Well, first let me set the scene for you.

According to the National Weather Service weather.org a Heat Advisory is issued when heat indices are expected to reach at least 100 degrees.

Heat Advisory – Take Action. A period of excessive heat is expected. The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will create a situation in which heat-related illnesses are possible.

Even if you live for summer and super-hot temperatures, the weather we've experienced in the Tri-State lately has been downright dangerous. As Radio Content Creators, Bobby and I can't really do a lot to make a difference for our friends that work outside all day. So, being a part of the Thirst Responder Crew with Ruler Foods gives a chance to deliver ice-cold drinks to people working in extremely hot temperatures.

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Taylor Merriss is the Special Projects Coordinator with the Evansville Police Department. She joined the Thirst Responder Crew crew today because our friends at the Evansville Regional Airport were in danger of overheating. Ok, that's a tad bit dramatic - It's possible the heat has gone to my head.

What Does the Weather have to do with Liberty's New Nickname?

I have to give you all of these important details to really appreciate the scenario. Here's the visual guide to our sizes. I was feeling pretty tall in my Dr. Martens. In reality, I'm only 5'. I'm always surrounded by tall friends, and it's just something that I'm used to.

attachment-EVV 01

Taylor and Bobby burst out laughing...Looking straight at me. One of our new friends in security (A huge fan of the Feel Good 80s Weekends) was on his phone with his little boy who he calls MUNCHIN. You can see where this is going...My new nickname is now Munchin...However, I did suggest Smurfette!

Evansville Thirst Responders Cool Down the EVV Runway

The first stop on our quest to cool off the Tri-State, we meet friends from the tarmac, air traffic control, security, TSA, and more.

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