MY105.3 and Ruler Foods want to provide some much-needed relief during these dog days of summer. So many folks in our community are outside every day, working hard in this heat, and we want to help keep you cool with a visit from the Thirst Responders.

To be clear, we are in no way comparing ourselves to FIRST responders - we all realize those folks work way harder than we do and have way more important jobs than us. We are, however, responding to your thirst, and we're doing something about it with some ice-cold beverages from our friends at RULER FOODS.

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Now that we know what Thirst Responders is all about, now we need to know where our help is needed the most. We need you to tell us about folks who are working out in this heat and need a visit from us. What kind of places are we looking for? Places like construction sites, mechanic shops, roofers, things of that nature. If you’re out workin’ Ruler Foods and MY105.3 just may be coming by to “rescue” you with a cold beverage!

Fill out the form below - tell us who it is that needs some relief, where they work, and why we should visit. And give us an idea of how many drinks we should bring (we don't want to leave anyone out). Also, please don't think that you have to nominate someone else - if you're busting your butt out in the heat, then go ahead and nominate yourself.

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