I've heard a saying that you become like the five people that you spend the most time around. Bobby and I spend many hours together every weekday, and usually, we are on the same wavelength. This week, however, we had possibly the biggest disagreement in the history of The MY Morning Show. What about? Woolly worms and caterpillars!

Now I am fully aware that sometimes the things I say don't always make sense to everybody. I'm goofy and #LibertyLogic is a real hashtag that I could use daily. It's this Liberty Logic that nearly caused Bobby to stroke out three times during one show.

Bobby was convinced that everyone would side with him in our 'Great Woolly Worm Debate'. I'm happy to say that a lot of you think the same way that I do, and this drove Bobby to his wit's end!

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In part 1 of our podcast, we open the discussion about woolly worms and caterpillars. Things escalated quickly.

All Mary wanted to do was answer the Piece of Cake Trivia question, and then she was thrown into the middle of our friendly discussion. This is kind of like when the parents fight in front of the kids.

As we wrapped up the show, Bobby basically had to take a walk and calm down. I still say that a woolly worm is not the same as a caterpillar LOL!

Bobby has calmed down now. Whatever you do, don't mention woolly worm to him - No really please do and get his reaction on video for me!

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