I'm sure if you think hard enough, you can think of a time when you injured yourself, or someone else, in some really strange way. Here's an example - you might have heard that Chrissy Teigen recently lost a tooth while on vacation. Did she have some sort of jet ski accident? Did you crash while riding a scooter? Did she smack her mouth on the side of the pool? Nope, none of those totally acceptable things happened. Chrissy lost the tooth while eating a frigging Fruit Roll-Up!

We know our listeners have plenty of stories like that (and even better), so we asked them to share those stories on our Facebook page. We got a whole bunch of responses, and I've picked out a few of our favorites. Just know, that as far as I know, all of these folks are fine, despite the severity of their injuries - knowing that, it is totally acceptable to laugh at their pain.

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14 Hilariously Weird Injuries

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