It wasn’t a national day of giving or any special day that I recall.  On this particular day, I  went for a walk in the downtown Evansville area to get some fresh air and sunshine.   Ahead of me, I saw a man with a cane and as he got closer, he asked me if I had some money to spare for an old homeless man.  


Philadelphia Grapples With Highest Deep Poverty Rate Of US Large Cities
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I just smiled at him and continued on with my walk.  I had planned to get a peppermint mocha at the nearby coffee shop.  As I rounded the corner, I found the man with the cane again.  I approached him and gave him all the money I had in my pocket - $20.00.  He thanked me and I smiled back at him and told him your welcome.

I don’t know if this man was really homeless or not, but, if he was, I hoped my little contribution helped him out.


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