Yesterday, Jim Beam announced that they had filled their 15 millionth barrel of bourbon since the end of the prohibition. The milestone barrel was a first for Kentucky distilleries.  

The barrel was filled and sealed by seventh generation Mater Distiller Fred Noe and his son Freddie Noe, eighth generation Beam Distiller in Clermont, KY at the brand's flagship distillery.

The 15 millionth barrel has been signed by employees at the company’s Clermont, Boston and Frankfort plants, and will join the nearly 2.3m barrels of Bourbon currently ageing in Jim Beam’s rackhouses across Kentucky.

I had taken a tour of the Jim Beam Distillery last year and watched the process of how they made their bourbon. I loved going through all the buildings and the rackhouse where hundreds of barrels of Jim Beam are stored. I also loved the bourbon tasting samples after the tour ended!

Here's some pics I took during our tour of the Jim Beam Distillery:  [SLIDESHOW]


You should definitely take a tour!  Visit:  Jim Beam American Stillhouse




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