So far this fall, it has been smooth sailing. We've been in tall cotton. Pick your positive cliché; it applies. As my family always when we find the perfect parking place, "Who says we ain't livin' right?"

Why Daviess County Emergency Management Wants Our Rain/Snow Prediction

But now--or at least next week, possibly--the rubber may be hitting the road. (Oops, there's another cliché.) And snow fever in Owensboro and Daviess County--and maybe even the rest of western Kentucky--descended when the Daviess County Emergency Management Agency posted this:

Daviess County Emergency Management Agency/Facebook
Daviess County Emergency Management Agency/Facebook

So yeah, if you clicked that link, you have a shot at a sweet gift from the DCEMA, but let's take a closer took at where they're coming from. (By the way, kudos for the Clash reference.)

What Is the National Weather Service's Outlook for the Coming Week?

According to the National Weather Service, we ARE expecting a pretty decent rain event in the coming week.

National Weather Service - Paducah
National Weather Service - Paducah

Personally, that makes ME vote in the "it will rain" column. And yes, part of that is because I'm not ready for snow yet, even though we've had it earlier than now many times in the past.

Is Snow Even a Possibility in Western Kentucky and the Tri-State?

I actually couldn't find any predictions for snow next week, so I consulted the team at Eyewitness News - WEHT/WTVW and checked the seven-day forecast (as of 11:19 AM, 11/17/23). I can see why some MIGHT think snow is a possibility, but look closer.

I see 32 degrees and I see 25 degrees. (In fact, warming shelters have already been announced.) But both of those numbers seem to be beyond when all the precipitation is predicted. And 14 News Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lyons has gone so far as to post this...and I agree with him:

I have no doubt ALL meteorologists feel this way about armchair prognosticators.

So, with all that said, I'm gonna go ahead and stick with "it will rain."

Now where's my radio?

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