There is no shortage of food trucks in and around the Evansville area, serving up a wide variety of delicious cuisine - burgers, BBQ, Asian, grilled chees, pizza, and everything in between. One of the most popular, though, is not a truck at all. It's got no engine, windows, or doors - but what it does have is two wheels and some of the best hot dogs you'll ever eat. And soon, someone new will be slangin' those dawgs.

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There is a reason (several reasons, actually) that hot dogs are America's #1 street food...

  1. They are really popular - just about everyone loves them.
  2. They are affordable and available just about everywhere.
  3. They are so versatile - there are so many ways to "dress up" a hot dog.
  4. They are freaking yummy!
Facebook/River City Dawgs
Facebook/River City Dawgs

In the case of River City Dawgs, another reason for their popularity is the man behind the stand. Kent Greathouse has been on his farewell tour after announcing that he is selling his beloved hot dog stand.

Who is the new owner? Will they continue to serve up those tasty hot dogs, as River City Dawgs or by some other name? I reckon we will find out soon.

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Nothing But Love for River City Dawgs

It's great to see all of the positive feedback Kent has gotten since the announcement. The following are just a few of the comments from the River City Dawgs Facebook page...

  • "Thank you for everything! I won't forget you coming over to my house for a private party. My family absolutely loved it. Good luck on your next stop."
  • "Please give the new owners my name and number. We would love to have them come out."
  • "You will be missed old friend, but hoping the future is sunny and relaxing!"
  • "Sorry to see you go but excited for your next chapter! We’ve enjoyed every time we’ve eaten with you!"

Stay tuned to learn what the future holds for River City Dawgs.

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