If you've ever purchased fireworks around Independence Day, you may have walked away with a little bit of buyer's guilt. In my case, it happens every year. I wait until the very last minute to buy my fireworks and eventually end up overpaying for them and not getting the ones I want. A few years ago, I tried to buy fireworks the day after Independence Day to get a head start on the following year, but found they were all sold out. So, when is the best time to buy fireworks? Let's investigate.

According to Sky King Fireworks and Fireworks.US, the best time to begin shopping is around springtime, specifically April (i.e., right now). This is due to the fact that most of the main firework holidays, like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, are in late spring and peak summer. During April, firework retailers not only have the best prices, but also the best selection, due to having months to restock from New Years Day.

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Before you start loading up your shopping cart, there is one thing you should definitely take into consideration: storage. Sky King Fireworks recommends storing your items in a cool and dry place until the day you plan to set them ablaze. Your fireworks should also be kept away from any kind of heat source, and the directions should be carefully secured. If you do find that your fireworks have been damaged and will not ignite, you should not try to relight them over and over. Rather, Sky King Fireworks recommends dousing the item or items with water before disposal.

One of the great things about the tri-state is that there is always a place to view fireworks around the big holidays, so buying them is likely not a necessity for most. But if you're like me and want to show off your pyrotechnic skills to your friends and family, you may want to jump on your firework wish list.

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