In a recent survey of 1000 random Americans, Illinois found its place on the list of most hackable states. The survey aimed to gauge the level of Wi-Fi security concerns among residents in different states.

The results were determined based on the percentage of specific concerns, the number of concerns, and the severity of Wi-Fi issues.

Default Passwords and Lack of VPN Usage Are Bad, Bad, Bad Habits

The survey, by pcWRT, put a spotlight on vulnerabilities among Illinois residents when it comes to Wi-Fi security.



First, almost 30% of Illinoisans still rely on the default password for accessing their Wi-Fi routers. (You know, that long code on the bottom or back of our router?) This makes it easier for hackers to gain control of the router and potentially hijack it.

Second, over 55% of Illinois residents don't even use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to secure their Wi-Fi connections.

How Do You Eliminate These Vulnerabilities?

The good news is that these vulnerabilities are easily fixable. Illinois residents can take immediate action to enhance their Wi-Fi security by changing the default password on their routers and considering the use of a VPN.

This can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to their routers and enhance the privacy and security of their online activities.

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What About Wi-Fi Security Basics?

The survey also revealed that many Americans, not just in Illinois, are unaware of or neglect key security features available on their routers.

For example, a considerable portion of Americans (27.20%) use the default password that came with their routers, while 36.9% rarely or never update their router's firmware, according to pcWRT.

These practices leave their Wi-Fi networks vulnerable to potential attacks.


Why Are VPNs Important?

The answer is easy. Using a VPN is a crucial step in securing wireless devices and creating an encrypted internet traffic tunnel that shields users from hackers and even internet service providers.

They also allow you to change their IP addresses, making it appear as if you're browsing from a different country. It provides an additional layer of protection against tracking.

Where Did Illinois Land On The List of Most Hackable States?

Illinois made the list of most hackable states, at #5

4. North Carolina

3. Ohio

2. Pennsylvania 

1. New York


You can find the full list and more here.

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