If your commute includes a trip from Evansville to Henderson, you will need to prepare for more changes to the traffic pattern.


Traffic Nightmare

I know that some people are afraid of bridges. I am afraid of being stuck in traffic and being late. The recent change in the Southbound lane of the HWY 41 Twin Bridge going into Henderson from Evansville is a combination of both fears.

Some people in the Tri-State say the lane closure has added an extra hour to their commute both ways. This is extremely stressful when you are trying to get to work or to pick up your kids.

Inspection Must be Done

The most recent inspection of the US 41 Southbound Bridge was completed in August 2022, revealing no critical findings for the bridge, which was originally constructed in 1965. However, the forthcoming inspection is of a more specialized nature, encompassing tasks such as paint removal, testing hundreds of welds, and replacing primer to ensure the bridge's long-term safety and reliability.


Is there a Solution?

Unless you have a boat, you have to cross the Twin Bridges to go to Henderson, Kentucky from Evansville, Indiana. Of course, you can go through Owensboro to get into Henderson, but that is going to add more time to your commute, too. So, Kentucky officials met on Tuesday to try and find a traffic solution.

Watch for New Traffic Pattern Soon

At this afternoon's meeting of the City of Henderson Board of Commissioners, Deneatra Henderson with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 2 updated the officials on the inspection work occurring on the southbound bridge. According to KYTC, residents can expect to see the addition of a third lane to the northbound bridge in the coming days. This will allow for one southbound lane on the southbound bridge and a second southbound lane on the northbound bridge. They are certain this will aid in the relief of extreme traffic delays that have occurred over the past few days. KYTC is asking for the public's patience as they work on the addition of the third lane to the northbound bridge.

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