In a perfect world, you'd cruise right up to the drive-thru speaker, be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable voice, place your order (no matter how simple or complex), be asked pleasantly to drive around to the window, and then be handed your perfectly accurate order within 1 minute of arriving at the pickup window.

Eating burgers from a fast food chain while driving a car.
So you can look like this! Except you should buckle up, unlike this woman. (Getty Images)

In the world that we actually live in, that rarely happens. Instead, the usual scenario involves being 2nd in line at the speaker behind someone who's never driven a car before and certainly has never ordered food at a drive-thru speaker before, either.

After getting your turn at the window, you're asked if you want to use the app for ordering, you say no, then you get silence for a minute before being asked gruffly for your order.

You give your order, they get it wrong on the board, you correct them and head for the pickup window where you'll wait for several minutes before being told to "drive around the building," where you'll wait even longer before you're then presented with the wrong order---which then causes this:

Wait! I paid $47 for that bag! (Getty Images)
Wait! I paid $47 for that bag! (Getty Images)

It's Not Hard To Find The Fast Food Drive-Thrus That Are Doing It Wrong, So Which Fast Food Places Are Doing It Right---Or At Least Fastest? recently released their annual drive-thru study, and they took a look at fast food chains and their drive-thru experience on multiple levels:

  • Order accuracy
  • Speed
  • Food quality
  • Suggestive selling
  • Customer level of satisfaction visited over 1,500 drive-thru locations at the 10 biggest fast food chains and gave ratings to Arby’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Chick-fil-A, Dunkin’, Hardee’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s.

We've pre-crushed your burger and fries for your convenience, sir. (Getty Images)
We've pre-crushed your burger and fries for your convenience, sir. (Getty Images)

Alright, Let's Get To The Information You Wanted: Which Chain Is The Fastest At The Drive-Thru In Illinois reports that the fastest drive-thru experience happens when you visit Taco Bell. With an average expected wait-time at their drive-thru of 278.84 seconds (about 4.6 minutes), they take the number-one spot for speed.

Carls Jr. takes second place with 303.74 seconds (5.06 minutes), and KFC was third with 303.95 secondsChick-fil-A comes in last in the speed department with a wait-time of 436.09 seconds (7.26 minutes).

How about order accuracy?

Chick-fil-A was the easy winner in the accuracy category with an order accuracy rate of 92 percentBurger King comes in 2nd, with a 90 percent rating. We've got a 3-way tie for lowest accuracy rate between Arby's, Dunkin', and Hardees; all of them sit at 82 percent.

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