I decided to treat Chase to his first real pedicure earlier this year. He loved it! In fact, he wanted to know when we could do it again. His toenails are disgusting. I mean, they curl into his skin! He gets that from me. I constantly have ingrown toenails, that basically require amature surgery. Our toes are best handled by the professionals.

Chase is a little ticklish!


He doesn't just get them cut, though, he gets them painted too! And, of course, I let him! It's a cool way for him to have some art on his body, that isn't permanent. I think it's awesome that he is comfortable expressing himself, in a way that most 10 year old boys would think is too "Girly". Plus, I don't have to hold him still to pry his nails out of his skin! Thanks to Ariel's Nails, for their patience!

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