I learned a lot from my trip to L.A last week, including the fact that California is a "Recreational" state. I'll save you the embarrassment that I went through, by first letting you know that "Recreation" does not mean RV's or fun things to do outside...Well, I guess for some, it could mean that. People are allowed to smoke Marijuana legally. Of course, I've seen news about this, but I really never really gave it much thought, until I was actually in CA.

1. That Skunk You Smell, Isn't a Skunk We were in an elevator, and I could not figure out how a skunk could be in downtown L.A., and sprayed near the elevator! Evidently, some weed actually smells like skunk, and people smoke it on purpose.

2. Stay In A Hotel, If You Don't Want To Smell That could be the motto of any recreational state. Assuming that people abide by the law, you still can't smoke in hotel rooms. But, if you choose to stay in an Airbnb, you are probably going to get a whiff of something. I stayed in a condo, so smells were a plenty in the hallways, the elevator & the balcony.

3. Your Friends Might Ask You To Bring Them A Souvenir Ok, you might want to re-think your circle of friends, if they actually ask you to bring them some 420. The girls I stayed with had to deal with this. Their friends even gave them specific names for the kind they wanted!

4. Pack Excerine About 20 minutes after being in the exhale elevator, I had a ginormous headache! I assume this was a side effect of the second hand smoke. Just make sure you have some headache med with you, just in case.

5. You Can Smoke Weed In The Street, But Make Sure You Use The Crosswalk This was one of the most crazy things that happened during my trip. We were exploring the city, and trying to find a place to eat. As we were crossing the street, a cop yelled at us from her car, to STOP, and use the crosswalk! Ok...We were crossing at an intersection, not the middle of the road or jay walking. The street actually has to be marked as a crosswalk, or else you could get a ticket, or just yelled at!

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