This week, Liberty and I did something we have never done before - we turned the proverbial This or That spotlight on ourselves. For the first time ever, I was the guest and Liberty was hitting me with those tough questions.

I'll be honest, I was a little nervous. I know how things work, and I know what kind of questions we try to find for our normal guests, so I kept asking her about the questions. "Are you gonna ask me about...", "You're not gonna make me choose between...", things like that. She wouldn't tell me anything until we actually went on the air. I gotta give Liberty credit, she had a tough job - we spend five hours together every day and we know a lot about each other, so it's a challenge to find questions that you don't already know the answer to - but she did a great job finding questions for me.

Most of the questions were pretty light-hearted and weren't too tough for me to answer - those questions were fun. One of her questions, though, was anything but light - it was friggin' heavy and kinda dark. The question was (I'm paraphrasing) "Save the lives of 1,000 strangers or save the life of one loved one?" What kind of question is that?! How I supposed to answer that?! How would you answer? That one caught me off guard and left me reeling a bit. But, I made my decision and I'm sticking with it.

Take a listen to the rest of my edition of This or That, and let me know if you agree or disagree with my answers.

This or That with Bobby

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