I never cease to be amazed at some of the names people come up with for their children. The spelling, the pronunciation, and the inspiration for some names these days has gotten out of control. I thought I had seen them all until my wife told me about this ridiculous name!

For the sake of this blog I'm gonna ask you to do something...but it's gonna be a challenge for ya. I'm going to spell out this crazy name and I'm going to ask you to try and figure out how to pronounce it. Here's the challenging part...I'm going to reveal the answer below. It'll be up to you to not let your eyes wander.

Okay, the name is spelled JKMNO. Now don't look down! Can you correctly pronounce this name? Unless you've previously heard about it, my guess is you have no idea how to pronounce it. I sure didn't.

Here's the answer. The name is pronounced NOEL. Just let that marinate for a minute. You're probably thinking that that makes no sense at all, and you're not wrong, it's completely ridiculous.

Have you figured it out yet? Think of the alphabet. What letter is missing from this chain? Yep, you got it, there is "no L". Hence the name NOEL. I can only assume this is a real thing. Sounds about right for this day and age doesn't it? Why wife told me and she would never lie to me right?

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