Two Indiana men have been arrested and are facing charges after being found to illegally be in possession of wild turkeys.

Rules and Regulations to Hunt in Indiana

In order to hunt legally in Indiana, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. Regardless of the game being hunted, there are guidelines. For example, there are specific seasons, or date ranges, where it is legal to hunt specific game animals.

Turkey Season is Underway in Indiana

Currently, in Indiana, Turkey Season is in full swing. The season began on April 26th and continues through May 14, 2023. There are even rules regarding the time of day that you can hunt for wild turkeys in the Hoosier State. By law, hunters are allowed to hunt for turkeys one-half hour before sunrise until sunset during turkey season.

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More on Indiana's Turkey Season

During the spring turkey season in Indiana, there is a bag limit. A hunter is only allowed one bearded or male turkey for the season. In order to hunt wild turkey, a hunter must be in possession of a valid turkey hunting license and the state also requires a Game Bird Stamp as well. You can learn more about licenses and hunting laws by visiting Indiana DNR.

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Two Indiana Men Arrested for Poaching

Conservation Officers in Indiana have arrested two men for "poaching wild turkeys." The arrest happened in Clay County. Twenty-two-year-old Dylan T. Shaw of Brazil, Indiana, and  twenty-five-year-old Wyatt N. McKenzie of Staunton, Indiana have both been charged with the "illegal possession of wild turkey," as well as "failure to check in wild turkey." Both are misdemeanors in the state of Indiana. Shaw is also facing an additional misdemeanor charge of "operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated," and Shaw is facing an additional misdemeanor charge for "false reporting/false informing."

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Shares Press Release

According to the press release from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, a conservation officer observed a truck entering and leaving a field numerous times. Once the truck was parked along a county road, the Conservation Officer approached and spotted two wild turkeys in the bed of the pickup truck.


<p>On April 26, shortly before 8 p.m., Conservation Officer Kaley McDonald observed a pickup truck entering and leaving a southern Clay County field several times and then parking on the edge of a county road. McDonald approached the truck and observed two wild turkey carcasses in the open truck bed.</p><p>Interviews on scene determined Shaw and McKenzie had each killed one wild turkey. Shaw had not purchased the required turkey hunting license, and neither of the two turkeys had been registered in the Indiana online check-in system as required by law.</p><p> </p>

Indiana Department of Natural Resources says both McKenzie and Shaw were arrested and both men were transported to the Clay County Jail. Indiana Conservation Officers seized the wild turkeys.

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