When you live in a state like Indiana, a state that's not really known for a whole bunch of things, you don't often get to see movies about your home state. I'm not talking about movies that were film and/or made in Indiana - I'm talking about movies that are set or take place in Indiana.

If I asked you to tell me a movie set in Indiana, you could probably name a couple pretty easily - maybe Hoosiers and Rudy come to mind. That makes sense, both movies were box office successes and both are based on real life people or events in Indiana. Or maybe you think of Back In The Day, written and directed by Newburgh native Michael Rosenbaum. But outside of stories inspired by real Indiana history, why would a screenwriter or director choose to make a film set here? I honestly don't know, but I do know that I love to see it.

I decided to compile a list of movies that take place in real and fictional cities in Indiana. I was really surprised to see how many movies are set in the Hoosier state, and I can guarantee there is at least one movie on this list that you didn't know took place in Indiana. I have no doubt there are Indiana-set movies left off the list, and I'd love for you to tell me which ones.

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15 Movies You May Not Have Known Take Place In Indiana

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