It's National Nurses Week! Nurses absolutely make the world go round; they run the hospitals and save peoples' lives.

I had the pleasure of staying at The Women's Hospital in the anti-partum unit for two months while we all fought for the triplets' lives.

I want to thank the nurses who were there for me during my stay. They emotionally and physically saved me and my babies. I love you all.

To Patty

Patty was there when I arrived in my patient room. I have recovered from PTSD from that moment, but today it is a beautiful memory. (My PTSD story) 
Thank you, Patty, for telling me that miracles do happen there. Thank you, Patty, for being there for the worst day of my life as my water broke at 20 weeks pregnant, and they said I would most likely deliver in 24 hours and they would be too small to survive.
Thank you for emotionally holding me through the next several days. Thank you for being the angel that I needed when my water broke again -- you were there. You held me, and we looked each other in the eyes and knew the babies would be born very soon. I was 27 weeks pregnant, and we were more in the clear than ever and the babies would survive.

To Robin

Thank you for being my friend and giving me something to look forward to every day. We laughed, we talked and shared stories. You brought me a curling iron when I needed a little perking up and continued to give me hope. Thank you for having fun while we ambushed you with a Nerf war!

Ambush Nerf War with Robin
The day I curled my hair and put makeup on in the hospital :)

To Erin

Thank you for loving me even though I threw a napkin at you. Thank you for being an emotional rock for me and giving me something to be excited about when I saw you.

To Donna

Thank you for being a rock. I knew when you were there, no matter what happened. I would be OK. You were a no bull, kind of nurse, and I needed that.


To Rachel

Thank you for finding nail polish and painting my toes. You made me feel important and special.

To all the NICU Nurse: I trusted you to grow my sweet babies, and you were so amazing!


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