The day before Holiday World opened up for their 75th season, Liberty and I got to spend a couple of hours there during media day. It’s a chance to sample some new (and ridiculously delicious) menu items, maybe ride some rides, and grab some interviews with the amazing staff, including Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari President and CEO, Matt Eckert. Lib and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to play This or That with Matt. We’ve already played our silly game with Leah Koch (4th generation owner and Director of Communications) and Sabrina Jones (Media Relations Manager) - now it’s time to grill the top dog.

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We’ve spent a decent amount of time with Matt over the years, talking to him about non-Holiday World stuff, and we’re all friends on social media – so we feel like we know him kinda well. Leave it to This or That, though, to catch us off guard and teach us something we didn’t know – that’s one reason why we love doing this so much.

We asked Matt some This or That questions about reality TV, food, and music – then things took a strange turn when I tried to expand on our final question. Leave it to me to take a really simple question (What’s your favorite Holiday World ride?) and make it way more dramatic than necessary. All I had to do was just ask Matt the question, but instead, I did what I do best, which is make things awkward, and then found myself trying to dig my way out of a hole. Luckily, Matt knows how to deal with idiots like me.

This or That with Matt Eckert

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