If you have a pre-teen boy in your life, you've probably heard about Fortnite. If you're like me, you've already spent a fortune on the 'Free' game, buying the Battle Pass, V-Bucks and Skins. Epic Games has figured out another way into our debit cards...Action Figures!

Finding all of the newly released toys has been harder than I thought. As of Friday December 7th, the Eastside Target was sold out of everything. I checked the Cartwheel app, and online, and nothing was showing available. I decided to drive to the Northside Target, and Jackpot! They had almost everything.

The 4 pack includes: Rex, Cuddle Team Leader, Bright Bomber and Ragnarok. It retails for 39.99, and they are on Amazon for $85+. Yikes! Basically, you should buy this one, if you happen across it, like I did.

 Up next, we have the Loot Chest. They are $9.99 in store, and I found them at Target, over the weekend. Each chest has different tiny pieces. Yay. The West and Eastside Walmarts carry these, too.

Fortnite Loot Chest Photo Walmart

Without a doubt, the Skull Trooper is the hardest to find. I found one on Amazon, I could not find it in store. There is still time to order one...If you want to pay the crazy price of $90!

Photo Think Geek

There are 4 Core Solo figures that retail for 12.99 each. I found them at the Northside Target.

Drift Photo: Target
Raptor Photo: Target
Teknique Photo: Target
Bandolier Photo: Target

Even though he's by himself, Omega is sold with a survival kit, so he's $19.99 in stores.

Omega Photo Target

This is a fun one, with paper and tiny pieces. The Llama Drama Loot Pinata is $24.99. It also comes with Rust Lord.

Fortnite Llama Drama Loot Pinata Photo: Target

I found the Cuddle Team Leader at Target for $24.99. The website shows it isn't available, but I suggest looking in person, because that's how I found it.

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Photo: Target

Aside from the Skull Trooper, the most difficult set has been the Turbo Builder Set. It comes with the last 2 action figures (Jonesy & Raven) you'll need to complete the set. Somehow I lucked out and found it at Game Stop in Eastland Mall. It retails for $39.99. According to Best Buy's website, they won't have it until 1/13/2019.

Fortnite Turbo Builder Set Photo: Best Buy

If the shelves are empty, by the time you get there, you can always buy V-Bucks, that can be used on new skins, which are like new toys almost everyday! If all else fails, check ebay regularly, but make sure you know what you are buying. Some of the sets I saw, where not the real ones!