Over the past couple of weeks we've been asking listeners to submit a story about their "Rad Dad" for a chance to win some great Father's Day prizes. We want to share some of our favorites. This submission comes from Vicki.

My husband and "Dad" to our 4 kids deserves to win because he has always been the hardest working man we have ever known. He just recently retired after working 45 years at the same job. It wasn't an easy job either. He sometimes would work 10 to 12 hours a day or more and even work weekends. Supporting and spending time with his family was always a top priority to him. I know there were things he would have liked to buy for himself but he didn't. The needs of others always came first even with his co-workers. This man needs a rest and what better way than to be sitting in an easy chair from Alles Brothers while someone else details his car!


We really appreciate Vicki's submission and although she didn't win the grand prize, we still want to hook up her hubby/dad with a $20 gift certificate from Sport Clips.

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