Many restaurants in the Tri-State have special menus for Mardi Gras. With today (2/16/21) being Fat Tuesday, you are probably going to seek out every indulgent food you can. One of my favorites is the hard to pronounce Paczki. If you are searching for Paczki Donuts, they are at Donut Bank locations, but only through today (February 16, 2021).

Our friends at Donut Bank are offering lemon, blueberry and raspberry fillings in the powdered sugar topped goodies. According to their Facebook post, you should call ahead to order your Paczki and King Cakes.

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I also found several varieties, including Bavarian cream, at Fresh Thyme Market.

Maybe you've never heard of these sugary treats, well I've done plenty of research on this topic. I've been on the hunt for beignets, every since I tried them at Disney World. Every time that I search beignet, Paczki also comes up, but they are not the same thing.

By the description, Paczki seem to have about the same recipe as a beignet, except they are filled with fruit jellies or custard. Paczki pronounced (Ponch-Key) is actually a polish treat that is popular right before Lent. I tried one of these, but it was not from Donut Bank, and I'm sure that theirs are better.

I have not been able to fin true beignets in the Tri-State, except for the tiny ones a Popeyes. There are 24 hour cafes on New Orleans that have them, if anyone is up for a road trip!

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