I recently had the opportunity to interview Doug Hoyt, the CEO of Owensboro's Wendell Foster. about their Holiday 50/50 Raffle which, thanks to you and your generosity, was a huge success. That was the first time I had even spoken to Doug. I knew nothing about him, except that he sounded like a good guy, so I had to play a round of This or That with him.

I decided to make it a special Christmas edition of This or That, and I'm so glad I did. Christmas, and the holiday season, is clearly something Doug feels comfortable talking about. Actually, Doug is such an outgoing and positive person, I get the feeling could talk about anything. For this episode, I asked Doug about Christmas trees, Christmas presents, Christmas parties, Christmas treats and Christmas weather. In doing so, I learned that Doug and I have a few things in common (at least when it comes to Christmas). I put our new friendship to the test with an eggnog-related question, and I glad to say we are still on speaking terms. I learned about the most requested treat that 'Papaw' makes each year, and I learned that Doug is not hesitant nor shy or hesitant about his feelings towards snow. Above all else, I learned that Doug Hoyt seems like a genuinely good guy with a great attitude, and I bet you'll hear that too when you listen to our episode of This or That.

Doug Hoyt - This or That

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