Ever since I can remember as a little girl, my mother always grew fresh herbs in our backyard.  I have developed her fondness for gardening and also enjoy planting an herb garden:  basil, oregano, peppermint, parsley, and more.  So what do I use them for? 

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Occasionally a recipe I'm making will call for fresh or dried herbs. So, I grow my own!

I use fresh basil leaves on tomato slices.  I cut up the small leaves and sprinkle them in spaghetti sauce, use them in bruschetta, and add to fresh green salads.  In the fall, I cut back the stems and dry out the leaves and use them for recipes calling for dried basil.

Oregano - use in spaghetti sauces, pizza, and chicken. I also cut back unused oregano during the fall and dry out the leaves for use in recipes calling for dried oregano.

Peppermint - tastes great added to iced tea or making your own hot tea.  Sometimes, I'll just grab a couple of leaves and pop them in my mouth to taste the mint for a couple of minutes.

Parsley - lots of great ways to flavor your pasta, chicken, potatoes, casseroles, and more!  Parsley has been known to help aid digestion and other health benefits.

There are so many great reasons to use herbs in your recipes or just for everyday health benefits!

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