I was driving to work this morning and I saw a pretty big stretch of road that had grass clippings on it. I know for many of us driving cars we wouldn't give this a second thought. However, I thought I'd use this as a good time to remind you about why it's important to not blow your grass clippings into the road.

With the weather finally consistently warmer, that means more motorcycles will be hitting the roads. It's also that time of year we're all mowing a bit more as the grass grows faster, so please remember to keep your grass clippings out of the road as they can be dangerous for those on motorcycles.

According to Lawnstarter.com, grass clippings on the road are so dangerous for motorcycles because the grass is about 85% water and will stick to the road. When a bike hits the grass it's almost like hitting a sheet of ice.  They also say it's dangerous for bikes because motorcycles, unlike cars, only have one drive wheel that needs to stay in contact with the ground.

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My brother and my dad both have motorcycles and are avid riders in the Tri-State area.  I see how much they really love going for rides when the weather warms up. They always make sure to have their helmets and proper riding gear on, but I still always worry a bit about them.  I asked them if they ever encountered grass in the road before and they said they had, and that encountering grass on the road is one of the scarier parts of riding because you have to be extra cautious because of how easy grass makes it to lose control.

So please be courteous, and make sure when you're mowing your grass to be aware of where your grass clippings are going. Mow in a direction that your mower will spit the grass clippings out to the side away from the road.  And please remember to blow any grass clippings from the road into your yard after you mow.

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