It’s really hard to believe but it has been 19 years since the original iPod was released.  Yes, on October 23, 2001, the world was given a new way to listen to its favorite music.  Since then the iPod has had many different versions, colors, and capabilities.  Now, I don’t know anyone who uses just a straight iPod anymore.  Thanks, iPhone.  So, in honor of the glory days where the little device in your pocket just played music, here are some fun facts about the iPod.

  1. It originally sold for $399- Yes, the brick that was the original iPod sold for just under $400. That was a big ask.  Now we barely blink when we want to pay an arm and a leg for the latest iPhone.
  2. You could have to 1,000 songs stored on the original- That still seems like so much music on one device.
  3. There have been 5 different versions of the iPod- You have the iPod, the iPod mini, iPod Nano, Shuffle, and of course the precursor to the iPhone, the iPod Touch. All of these even had their own generations.  There are so many different iPods!
  4. It wasn’t a big success at first-This had to do with it being quite expensive and you had to have a Mac to get the thing to work.
  5. The name was inspired by the 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey- We can thank the line “Open the pod bay door, Hal” for helping give a name to Apple’s mp3 player. The Pod was a part of the movie’s main ship and the i was added because Apple already had iMac and iBook.


Happy National iPod day!  I hope this brought back some fond memories of the days when having the lasts iPod made you the cool kid in school.  “Wow!  Yours can hold how many songs??”

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