Chris Conley was ready for him this time.  "Majestic visitors" fly by Chris and Donna's house pretty routinely.  But, yesterday, Chris was ready!  And, as you can see from the incredible photos below, he finally got him.

Chris Conley

How beautiful is that?  Chris snapped this photo too.

Chris Conley

Chris's wife, Donna, is incredibly proud of these photos.  She said, "Finally, my hubby got some good pics of of the eagle that flies around our house."  And Mama Bear has already picked out a name for him.  "I think we will name him Freedom."  Apparently, Freedom is the "baby" of two parents that also fly by the Conley's house.  Their names?  Valor and Honor.

This one is the juvenile (dirty tail, maybe 2 years old) and sometimes mom and dad fly with him showing him the ropes of hunting.

The Conleys live along the river and Chris says the opportunity to see eagles in full flight is definitely "one of the perks." He believes the nest is about ten miles from his house.  Chris says the eagles fly by the house often. "This one is a juvenile (maybe two-years-old) and mom and dad fly alongside him showing him the ropes of hunting."  Until yesterday, Chris hadn't been able to get a good in-flight photo.  So, he decided to be proactive and put a camera by the door.  The plan paid off.  Chris says, the "timing was just right."

And, honestly, the timing was right in more ways than one.  Today happens to be Earth Day and these photos are a perfect tribute to the beauty of nature and the power and majesty of the eagle.

So, if you're along the river anytime soon.  Keep your eyes to the sky.  You never know.  You just may see Freedom flying.

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