There will be many celebrations during the upcoming 3 day weekend, but you don't want to miss the Free 4 day event in Boonville!

Misty McGregor knows everything there is to know about the Labor Day Association's Annual Celebration. It's been a part of her life, every since she was born. So, it makes sense that she is the "Official Spokesperson"! She even let me wear her crown, when she stopped in to give us the details about this year's Free Celebration.

Rachel Byrns, Liberty & Misty McGregor
Rachel Byrns, Liberty & Misty McGregor

This free event rotates to a different city each year. The 2018 celebration will be held in Boonville, at the Warrick county Fairgrounds. Read more about the history of the celebration here.

The fun starts Friday 8/31/18 at 5pm with free carnival rides! The 4 day event is packed full of activities for the entire family. There will be food vendors, contests, car show, demolition derby, cornhole, live music, pageants, and a parade on Monday.

Fun Fact: Our Labor Day Celebration is the oldest in Indiana!

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