For many years, the University of Southern Indiana theater department called this building home. I recall seeing a couple of different productions there during my time as a Screaming Eagle. USI has a beautiful new theatre located on campus now, which means this building is up for grabs. What was once a rather drab and boring-looking building has been renovated and transformed into a really impressive, contemporary-looking space.

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Summit Real Estate Services describes the property as..."Centrally located just west of Downtown Evansville, this high-visibility, one-of-a-kind property is available for sale or lease. Originally constructed as a church and later utilized as a theater, the interior of the main building currently sits as open vanilla box space awaiting transformation into a restaurant, office space, salon, clinic, wine bar, etc. The property also includes a single-family dwelling with upper and lower parking areas."

You might be surprised at how much this prime piece of westside Evansville real estate is going for. Would you believe the asking price is just $335,000? I certainly don't have that kind of money, but it does seem pretty reasonable for a building in that location and with that much space. The building offers 6,156 square feet of space, sitting on .74 acres of land. And let's talk about that location - the building is right off the Lloyd Expressway (96 N. Barker Avenue) where I guestimate about a million cars drive by every day (it's actually closer to 38K, but still). I admit to knowing very little about real estate, but I have to think that kind of visibility is pretty doggone valuable.

What Would You Do With It?

We recently asked our listeners to tell us what kind of business they would start up if given the chance and the funding. We got some pretty good suggestions. Here are some ideas that might just work for this particular location...

  • Comedy Club
  • Waffle House
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • A&W
  • Dance Club
  • Dog Bar
  • Pottery Shop
  • Children's place to play (kinda like Discovery Zone)
  • Strip Club for women

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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